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Little Things

There is a special joy in creating and giving little things. I’ve donated a number of the tiny cabinets represented here to charity auctions, and given them as wedding gifts, as well; it’s always been a gratifying experience. I built my first tiny cabinet as a shrine to hold sacred objects that could be discreetly tucked away behind closed doors, but they have as many uses as they have owners. I have outfitted several as jewelry cabinets.

Jewelry Chest
Custom Jewelry Box
 Jewelry Chest Close-up
Jewelry Box Close-up

Little Cabinet
Southwestern Little Cabinets in Pine

Little Cabinet Close-up
Little Cabinet Close-up

Wall Shelf
Wall Shelf

Earring Stand
Earring Stand in Cherry

Little Things - Portfolio Samples

Little Cabinet
  Little Cherry Cabinet

Little Cabinet Door Open
  Little Cherry Cabinet Door Open

Wall Shelf Side View
  Wall Shelf Side View

Foot Stool
  Foot Stool in Oak

Step Stool
  Well Worn Child's Step Stool

















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