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line decor
line decor

45 angle design

Door with glass

Mr. Ed Door

Custom door

white door

Closet Doors

Double Door

Doors and Gates

ecoming greener:
Custom doors and gates can dress up a home quickly and dramatically. Gates are just plain fun to build, without the demands
of weather-tight doors.

Blue gate
Garden Gate

Custom Door
Garden Gate in Progress

Rustic Gates
Rustic Gates

Southwestern Style Entry Door
Southwestern Style Entry Door

Entry Door in Oak and Pine
Entry Door with Scrub-plane Finish

Doors and Gates Portfolio Samples

Santa Fe Style Exterior Door
Santa Fe Style Entry Door

Territorial Style Door with Transom
Territorial-style Door with Transom

Blue Oval Entry Door
Blue Oval Entry Door

Arched Gate In Cedar
Arched Gate in Cedar

Custom Gate
Custom Gate

Spindle Gate
Lightening Spindle Gate


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