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line decor
line decor

Pie Safe
Armoire With Pierced Tin Panels

Tall Cabinet
Jelly Cupboard in Pine

Cabinets, Kitchens and Baths

The photos on this page are mostly cabinets I designed in collaboration with my clients. Working closely with clients to design a new kitchen can be a very rewarding experience.
Not shown here are the bathroom upgrades I’ve done, mainly because it’s difficult to photograph such small spaces.

Custom Kitchen Designs
Country Style Kitchen

Country Style with Dramatic Cornice
Close-up of Dramatic Cornice

Shaker Style Kitchen Design
Shaker Style Kitchen Design

Close-up Shaker Style Kitchen
Close-up Shaker Style Kitchen

Cabinets - Portfolio Samples

  Lightning Spindle Stereo Cabinet

  Kitchen Cabinets in the Commons House

Fancy Art Cabinet
  Poplar Kitchen, before painting

Santa-fe Kitchen
  Santa-fe Kitchen

Santa-fe Kitchen
  Santa-fe Kitchen

Kitchen Cabinets
  Pine Kitchen Cabinets in Lamy Downs

  Modern Bath Cabinet in Ash

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